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Toward Equality: Baltimore's Progress Report

Toward Equality: Baltimore's Progress Report

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This 2003 reissue was originally published in 1960 by the Sydney Hollander Foundation, Inc. Authored by Edgar L. Jones (1915-2001), columnist for the Baltimore Sun, this report was "[a] chronicle of progress since World War II toward the achievement of equal rights and opportunities for negroes in Maryland."

The book is divided into two parts: the chronological report and the topical report, with a foreword by Eleanor Roosevelt who establishes context for the reader. The chronological report starts with the year 1946 and summarizes the city's progress through 1958. The topical report focuses on the institutions like education, employment, public housing, and more. This is a fascinating example of how quickly or slowly change and progress can be made.

2003 (reissue), Edgar L. Jones and Jack L. Levin, 114 pp, paperback

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