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The Long Loneliness in Baltimore: Stories Along the Way

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A compilation of essays, stories, poems, parables, and art, The Long loneliness in Baltimore depicts nearly fifty years worth of experiences in Southwest Baltimore ("Sowebo").

Through the establishment of Viva House, Brendan Walsh and Willa Bickham are able to restore hope to the hopeless. Viva House, the temporary home and soup kitchen for those living in Sowebo, provides love and community to many.

This eye-opening book gives insight into what it is really like to be one of the "powerless" constantly oppressed by the "powerful." Coming out in a turbulent time for Baltimore City, this book expresses social injustices while promoting the message that hope will prevail.

2016, Text by Brandan Walsh, Art by Willa Bickham. 108 pp. Hardcover

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