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The Annapolis & Elk Ridge Railroad 1837-1885

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"One of the earliest railroad projects in the State of Maryland was the Annapolis and Elk Ridge Railroad. Its deceptive name has caused many people to wonder if there was a branch line somewhere not recorded on any map. A long forgotten chapter in Maryland's transportation history, one can still parallel long stretches of the original track bed as they drive between Annapolis and Annapolis Junction with at least one stone bridge still intact. Its Civil War history has never fully been appreciated." (From the Introduction)

"The Annapolis & Elk Ridge Railroad opened for business on Christmas Day, 1840, financed largely by the State of Maryland to connect Annapolis with the Washington Branch of the B&O Railroad south of Baltimore City. Chartered in 1837, it was one of the nation's earliest railroads...The little A&ERRR would be come invaluable to the nation at the start of the Civil War, however, when its modest 20 miles of single line track became the route by which the first significant numbers of Northern troops came to the defense of a very vulnerable capital at Washington." (From the foreword by Rock Toews, Annapolis, Maryland)

2017, Daniel Carroll Toomey and Steve Hammond, 52 pp, Paperback

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