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Monuments to Heaven: Baltimore's Historic Houses of Worship

Monuments to Heaven: Baltimore's Historic Houses of Worship

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This book is the only one that describes exclusively the architecture, history, and art associated with 23 of Baltimore's churches and synagogues dating from 1785 to 1887.

Within these houses of worship, designed by leading architects of the day, are outstanding examples of windows, statuary, paintings, mosaics, carvings and religious artifacts. Robert Cary Long, Jr., Benjamin LaTrobe and Stanford White are a few of the architects. Louis Comfort Tiffany, John LaFarge, Constantine Brumidi and Hans Schuler represent some of the artisans. A majority of the buildings are National Historic Landmarks or are on the national Register of Historic Places. Churches parallel the development of the city. The book tells why each church or synagogue was founded, the particular ethnic or social group it served and how it adapted over the years to Baltimore's changing demographics.

Each building has a special story to tell. Only those religious structures which still have active congregations or are used for religious ceremonies are included. These buildings are city treasures in terms of their history, architecture and artisans' contributions to the interiors. The structures are concentrated in downtown Baltimore and include a variety of neighborhoods. The book can be used as a guide to explore these Baltimore gems.

Lois Zanow and Sally Johnston, photographs by Denny Lynch

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