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Monocacy: The Battle That Saved Washington

Monocacy: The Battle That Saved Washington

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This is the first modern study of this pivotal moment in the Confederacy's last major invasion north of the Potomac. The Battle of Monocacy reflected the modern use of railroad, steamboat, and telegraph, reaching its epitome in the use of combined arms in the crucial final Confederate assault against stubborn Federal resistance.

Monocacy's story is one of high drama. Two Medals of Honor resulted from the encounter. A former vice-president of the United States faced the son of Lincoln's secretary of state across the battle lines. The men in the ranks included veterans and home guards who fought one another to the death. Above all, this battle was a test of willpower between rival commanders as Jubal Early strove to equal the immortal Stonewall Jackson, and Lew Wallace sought redemption in the high Army circles, each through victory over the other.

2000, B. Franklin Cooling, 335 pp, Paperback

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