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Model of the "Comet"

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The Comet was a Baltimore schooner, commissioned on 10 July 1812 for service in the War of 1812 as a privateer ship, with Thomas Boyle as her commanding officer. She conducted a cruise in the Caribbean Sea and South Atlantic Ocean between 25 July 1812 and 14 February 1813, after which she was blockaded in the Chesapeake Bay.

Between April and September 1813, the Comet was loaned to the U.S. Navy for reconnaissance in the Chesapeake Bay area, with Boyle remaining in command. She again put to sea on 29 October 1813, finally docking in Beaufort, North Carolina. On 12 May 1814 she was sold at Charleston to New York owners.

The Comet was built in the Fells Point shipyard of Thomas Kemp, who had developed a reputation for building high quality boats known for their durability and speed. He built four of the most successful privateer ships of the War of 1812. They were the Chasseur, Comet, Rolla, and Rossie.

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