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Magnet Set - Crazy Quilts

Magnet Set - Crazy Quilts

$ 9.99

Made exclusively for the Maryland Historical Society, on a customized backing card (Front side shown). 

"Masterfully designed and meticulously embroidered, crazy quilts are the late-nineteenth century equivalent of the Baltimore Album quilts made in the 1840s. Although one might think their designs random, a closer scrutiny reveals crazy quilts are as intentional and well planned as the Baltimore Album quilt. In a crazy quilt, irregularly-shaped "scraps" are sewn to a lighter weight foundation fabric. Rows of fancy, hand sewn embroidery hold the scraps in place in a similar manner to the applique technique seen on other Baltimore quilts. Both album and crazy quilts were often made as commemorative pieces and document the work of several women. Crazy quilts were a national phenomenon and serve as superb "documents" of late-nineteenth century culture."

Each magnet measures 2 x 2 inches.