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Kent Island: The Land That Once Was Eden

Kent Island: The Land That Once Was Eden

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A story of family, place, and time before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge paved over a way of life with a six-lane highway.

Janet Freedman's lyrical prose carries us back to life on Maryland's Kent Island, in the heart of Chesapeake Bay country, as it was in the days before modernity transformed the land.

This is memoir at its finest, personal experience informed by history, reveries proven true in interviews with those who lived it. Trained in history and folklore, and drawing on the words of those who were there, Freedman gives us Kent Island through the eyes of a gifted writer, from Native American caretakers of the land to English settlers, through the boom and bust of oyster culture and finally, to life lived by softer rhythms in the early twentieth century. To read this book is to realize once more how deeply one can be rooted in time and place to friends and loved ones, and how rewarding it is to be part of a small, closely knit community.

2001, Janet Freedman, 180 pp, Hardcover

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