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Enamel-on-Copper House Trinket Box

Enamel-on-Copper House Trinket Box

$ 75.00

Roof lifts up on back hinges. Measures approximately 3.25" in length, 2" in width, and 3" in height.

Chinemel by B. Yee

This beautiful, porcelain enamel-on-copper article continues an ancient art-form prized by collectors since its inception early in the 18th century. Sheet copper is shaped, tempered and etched to form a solid foundation for multiple firings of hand-dipped porcelain paste enamel. The design outline is then painstakingly hand-painted using fine-hair miniature brushes and again fired. Finally, detailed application of the individual porcelain colors one by one, with separate firing for each. No two pieces are ever identical. Intricate craftsmanship, timeless design and a long history make this porcelain enamel-on-copper piece a work of art to be treasured from generation to generation.

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