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Dancing with the Tide: Watermen of the Chesapeake

Dancing with the Tide: Watermen of the Chesapeake

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A certain mystique has always surrounded the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay. In documenting the work of the watermen, Blackistone tries to preserve what remains of their way of life. As fewer sons and daughters follow in the footsteps of their parents by working the water, the number of people who can convey the traditions of the watermen by oral history is gradually diminishing. Blackistone’s Dancing with the Tide chronicles what has changed for the watermen over the last decade: how the changing conditions of the bay and new regulations have impacted their work life, what declining harvests have meant to them, and what the new millennium might hold for them and their families. Engaging photographs of the watermen at work highlight this documentary of a year in the life of these harvesters of the Chesapeake Bay.

2001, Mick Blackistone, 266 pp, Hardcover

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