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Combat Correspondents: The Baltimore Sun in World War II

Combat Correspondents: The Baltimore Sun in World War II

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An outstanding team of combat correspondents, including future Pulitzer Prize winners, from the Baltimore Sun took enormous risks to report the events and action of the war in Europe and the Pacific. They filed reports from the front lines of history, sending back gritty stories of the endurance and humor of ordinary GIs.

This was a time when correspondents wore uniforms, censors could block their stories, and journalists wrote on portable typewriters and traveled dozens of miles to file their copy. Enjoying a personal freedom of movement and decision-making unknown in today’s electronic era, these newspaper men were working at a time when print journalism was the prime medium for news. Their dispatches, which reported the war with the immediacy of real time, make up the core of this book and tell a story of professionalism and dedication to their craft and their readers.

2009, Joseph R. L. Sterne, 281 pp, Paperback

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