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Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes and Bugeyes

Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes and Bugeyes

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Maryland and Virginia shipwrights have always been experimental designers. Some vessels, like the Baltimore Clipper, have become world famous. Less familiar however, are other types of working bay craft, even though their utility and length of service have been considerably longer. In this volume, Brewington redresses that oversight, tracing the history of log canoes and bugeyes, and providing meticulous descriptions of the hulls, rigging, fittings, and specialized equipment used on these unique bay craft.

This combined edition of Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes, first published in 1937, and Chesapeake Bay Bugeyes, first published in 1941, is a revised and enlarged version, made possible with the cooperation of The Mariners’ Museum, Newport News, VA.

1963, M. V. Brewington, 182 pp, Hardcover

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