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Brass Gill Measuring Cup w/ Gift Bag

Brass Gill Measuring Cup w/ Gift Bag

$ 19.99

The gill (pronounced with a soft 'g' or 'j' as in "Jill") was first used in the 14th century to measure servings of whiskey or wine. In the United States, the half gill is equal to two ounces, so it can be used as a standard jigger.

The two-fingers pour originated in saloons in the wild west, where you would order whiskey by the width of the barman's fingers. It's currently gaining popularity with mixologists, this time as a standardized 2 oz. pour (1/2 gill).

Consider using a gill unit measuring cup next time you make a round of cocktails. Available in 3 unique styles, each one provides the perfect pour!

Available as:

1/4 gill unit (left in image)

2 fingers measure (center)

1/2 gill unit (right)

Made of brass with a pewter finish. Hand wash with non-abrasive cleaner. Want to make it a gift set? Pair it with a Bittermilk Drink Mix Set for a complete gift!

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