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Black America Series: Baltimore

Black America Series: Baltimore

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Throughout the years, the city of Baltimore has played host to many well-known figures, including Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and boxer Joe Louis; the city has been called home by Billie Holiday, Frederick Douglass, and Thurgood Marshall. But it is the local African-American community's members, working diligently to advance and empower themselves, who made history while they lived it.

1999, Philip J. Merrill and Uluaipou-OMalo Aiono, 129 pp, 200 images, Paperback

In Baltimore, authors Philip J. Merrill and Uluaipou-OMalo Aiono have not only documented the well-known visitors and residents of Maryland's largest city but the everyday life of its African-American citizens before and after desegregation. This compilation of well-researched photographs and other memorabilia will take readers on an enjoyable journey through the unique African-American story that belongs to Baltimore.

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