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Birds on a Wire Mug

$ 14.99

“…I never for a day gave up listening to the songs of our birds, or watching their peculiar habits, or delineating them in the best way that I could…” – John James Audubon 

If you know a bird-watcher or a nature-lover, we’re pretty sure they’ll be coo-coo for UPG’s Birds on a Wire mug. It’s for the early bird who enjoys a dawn chorus or the night owl who’s up late with the whip-poor-wills and herons. 

When the mug is cool, it’s encircled with the elegant silhouettes of birds on a wire. Pour in a hot beverage and watch as 18 bird species show their true colors: 

American Goldfinch - American Kestrel - American Robin - Barn Swallow -

Carmine Bee Eater - Eastern Towhee - Green Catbird - Indigo Bunting - King Parrot
Northern Mockingbird - Purple Finch - Red and Yellow Barbet - Red Whiskered Bulbul 
Scissortail Flycatcher  - Tree Swallow - Vermillion Flycatcher - Whiskered Treeswift -
White-throated Sparrow

Disappearing mugs are not dishwasher safe but may be used in the microwave.

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