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Baseball in Baltimore: The First Hundred Years

Baseball in Baltimore: The First Hundred Years

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It was 1859 when the game of baseball came to Baltimore, as George F. Beam's Excelsiors played their first games at Flat Rock in Druid Hill Park. In the century that followed, Baltimore had franchises in eight different professional leagues and games were played in nine city parks—from the Madison Avenue Grounds to Union Park, from old Oriole Park to Bugle Field.

Packed with rare illustrations, colorful anecdotes, and fascinating details—many of them skillfully brought to life from the original box scores on preserved newspaper pages and scorecards— Baseball in Baltimore tells a story that will captivate baseball fans everywhere.

From the future hall-of-famers of the 1890s Orioles to the 4F minor-leaguers of the World War II years, from the amateur teams of wealthy businessmen (complete with neckties) of the 1860s to the talented but underpaid Negro League stars of the twentieth century, from the city's humiliating loss of major league baseball in 1902 to its triumphant return in 1954, the story of Baseball in Baltimore, and of the players who contributed so much legend to it, make this book a joy to read.

James H. Bready has written for the Baltimore Sun for more than fifty years and was one of the first members of the Society for American Baseball Research. He and his wife, Mary, live in Baltimore.

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1998, James H. Bready, 256 pp, 150 b&w illus., Hardcover

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