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At Home: The American Family 1750 - 1870 (Used)

At Home: The American Family 1750 - 1870 (Used)

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(From the inside flap) "We are fascinated by old houses, but time has blurred our sense of what it was like to live in them. Electricity, the automobile, and modern medicine have altered traditional patterns of domestic life, making the furniture, floor plans, and room arrangements of former days puzzling to us.

Exploring the past with the voice and vision of those who were there--Elisabeth Donaghy Garrett fashions a unique, unforgettable picture of middle-class American home life between 1750 and 1870.

Nearly 200 paintings, drawings, and prints, 101 in color, provide further insights into the tastes and living arrangements of the American family when home was truly the focus of life and the source of its meaning."

"Not merely a work of serious and revealing scholarship but also a book that resists virtually all temptations to sentimentalize the past." --Washington Post

1990, Elisabeth Donaghy Garrett, 304 pp, Hardcover

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