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What's New: Spring Things!

Art Dining Made in Maryland New!

Black-eyed Susans by Emily Uchytil    Oriole by Emily Uchytil

Print - Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly

(Art prints by Maryland artist Emily Uchytil)


Rain and flowers. Horse racing and baseball. Bumble bees and butterflies.

Spring is an active season in Maryland; lively and dynamic. Trees are blossoming again, the sun is staying out longer, and the cicadas are reemerging. The farmers' markets and the arabbers are back, as well as their dedicated followers.

Here at the Maryland Historical Society, the Meyerhoff courtyard fills with blossoming bushes and Ginkgo trees. The tables and chairs are out and the shade umbrellas are up. When lunchtime comes we head outside to soak up the sun.

How do you celebrate Spring? Do you change the decor in your home, or switch out your darker colored clothing for pastels? Do you grab your sunhat and return to your backyard gardening? Do you and your coworkers start eating lunch outside?

Delight in the colors, tastes and scents of Spring! We are open Wednesday thru Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM, or Sunday, 12 PM to 5PM. Always open at!


Bittermilk Whiskey Sour Set Bittermilk Whiskey Sour Set

(DIY Cocktails from Bittermilk and Two's Company)


Lavender Linen Spray - Silver Linings Lavender   Lavender Soap Bar - Silver Linings Lavender

(Lavender body care from Maryland vendor Silver Linings Lavender)


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