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New in Consignment: Seafood Spoons

Baltimore Consignment Dining Made in Maryland New! Silver

They look like silver sporks. And they are. Kind of.

The spoon and fork hybrid utensil that you thought was only used in school cafeterias has been around a lot longer than when you were a kid. The spork as we know it now combines the bowl of the spoon with the tines of the fork. And, while the word spork was not trademarked until 1951, the idea of combination cutlery has been in circulation since the 1800s. The first known patent application for combined cutlery was in 1874. Below is the illustration that was provided with the original patent application for a combined knife, fork and spoon.

(From Google. Image of illustration included with patent 147,119)


We call them seafood spoons, but another name for the unique utensil is the terrapin fork. It is an apt name to be used in this region. The terrapin is Maryland's official state reptile, and terrapin stew was once a delicacy in the early 1900s.

Whatever the seafood and stew combination, these spoons are advantageous utensils to have. This set of 9 sterling silver seafood spoons featured above was made by the Baltimore silversmiths Welsh & Brothers, who were in production between 1887 and 1910.

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