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Made in Maryland: Vintage Stamp Jewels

Made in Maryland New!

Jewelry you can wear every day doesn’t need to be . . . everyday.

We are in love with Vintage Stamp Jewels here in the museum shop. The company, which is based in Hanover, Maryland, creates simple yet fashionable jewelry to wear on any occasion, with any outfit.


Creator Monica Sisk started making necklaces while caring for her young children at home. She sold the necklaces online and very quickly they became a hit. Now, she and several employees operate Vintage Stamp Jewels out of her cottage studio.

Each piece features a "family tree" charm, which represents the relationships and connections that matter most to the individual wearing it. This is the main idea behind Vintage Stamp Jewels. In addition to the family tree, there are small Swarovski crystals that can be added on as individual charms. The crystals come in twelve colors--one birthstone color for each month--and are available in a gold or silver bezel. The tiny crystals are subtle yet hold great sentimental value and meaning for the one wearing the jewelry.

The silver and gold necklaces are made with sterling silver chain and charm, and 14 karat gold-filled chain and gold-plated charm, respectively. They are available in three lengths: 18 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches.

The silver and gold bangles are made with Rhodium-plated steel and gold-plated steel, respectively. Their clever design means they can be adjusted to fit your wrist without undoing any clasps. By squeezing the ends between thumb and forefinger, the bangle widens and easily slides on.

Vintage Stamp Jewels necklaces and bangles make meaningful gifts for all generations. Give grandma a necklace with a charm for each of her grandchildren, or welcome your new daughter-in-law into the family with a special keepsake. Give one to your daughter when she leaves home for the first time and add a charm for every major milestone.

Click on any of the links or images above to see more from Vintage Stamp Jewels. Or visit the museum shop to take a closer look. We are open Wednesday through Saturday 10AM to 5PM, and Sunday 12PM to 5PM.


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