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Made in Maryland: Autumn Summer, Part I

Made in Maryland New!


We discovered the Maryland company, Autumn Summer earlier this month and we are so excited to have them in our shop! This Westminster business specializes in hand-crafted, wooden gifts and accessories. We currently stock their pens and letter openers; cufflinks and tie clips; and wine stoppers and corkscrews.


Among the many things we love about working with local vendors is showcasing the talent, creativity and enthusiasm of the people who live and work in Maryland. Autumn Summer founder Ryan Herbstsommer's passion comes through in the pieces he makes:

The best part of making something by hand is that I get to put my heart, my story into everything I make. And YOU add a little bit of your story each day that you use it...

Working with a local company also means we know exactly where the items are coming from and how they are made. Autumn Summer sources its wood from a Pennsylvania lumber mill, and the pieces are crafted in the company's Westminster shop.


Part of the company's mission is to "evoke the extraordinary" and Ryan believes a person can have an extraordinary experience with items used everyday. When you pick up a pen to write, why not enjoy the beauty of the piece? And, these pieces are beautiful.



Stay tuned for Part II when we will go into more detail about these unique items!

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