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Local History in New Consignments

Baltimore Books Consignment Made in Maryland Women in the Arts

Just the other day the museum shop received new consignment items: an assortment of books and prints. I was especially excited about two of those books and one print in particular.

I have already posted about the two books on Facebook and was pleased to see such a positive reaction (Over 2,000 likes!). The books--"A Victorian Village" (1929) and "Pastures and Other Poems" (1933)--were written by Maryland author, Lizette Woodworth Reese.

Miss Reese (1856-1935) was born and raised in Baltimore, in the neighborhood of Waverly. She made her life in Baltimore where she wrote poetry and worked as a city school English teacher. You can read more (please, do) about Lizette Woodworth Reese in an April 2015 blog post from the Society's library blog, Underbelly

The print I am excited about is also from a local woman. Erma Davis Bates (1886-1978) lived just outside of Baltimore in Lutherville. I was not able to gather much information on Ms. Bates, but I did discover that we, the Maryland Historical Society, own a collection of Erma Davis Bates prints. I also found a Baltimore Sun article about the history of her Lutherville house and its architecture.

The print we have for sale in the museum shop is a lithograph of Tyson Street, in Mt. Vernon, Baltimore. Bates's etching shows a spacious street abundant with trees and welcoming front stoops. She was known for her prints of local buildings, landscapes and fauna.

It is not necessary for an item to have a Maryland connection in order to be a part of the consignment collection we carry. Other than coming from a Maryland family, many of our consignment pieces have no connection to this state at all. But, it is special when a piece with origins in Maryland arrives in the shop. And, when the item is attached to an individual rather than, say, a business, its story is usually more personal. In turn, whoever purchases the item may feel a closer connection to the piece, its history and the history of the city or state. And, I find that rather endearing.  

 --Leila, Shop Manager

P.S. Be sure to browse through our consignment collection online anytime, or visit the museum shop, Wednesday through Sunday.

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